To arizona

Well now we are off to Arizona. I haven’t had a good chance to blog.This was my best chance. Well its a nice day…at 100 degrees out. Now that’s hot. It’s not he best way to blog. In the back seat with a cat and a Ginny pig. It’s very cramped. When I look out the windows I see barely anything. This is weird, my dad spotted a Casino… In the middle of no were. My dad said “Well that’s strange. A casino in the absolute desert”. I thought it was strange too. I’m just sooo glad I can still listen to the songs I love. There’s a station called “The Message”. But we’re listening to the songs on my dads playlist. Only about 85 miles till we’re in Arizona. But its about 159 miles till we stop for lunch. To bad. I also made a new friend at the hotel we were in. Her name is Emily. I gave her and her sister Izzy a bracelet. I hope Izzy likes it. They have a brother. His name is Josh. He’s nice. I went to the pool with him and Emily. Izzy couldn’t come because she couldn’t find her bathing suit. We were very close. I was suite in 412 and they were suite in 421 the last two numbers were switched. We thought it was funny. We met when I had just got there. My mom was bring stuff in and my dad was helping someone cover up the fireplace so our cat can’t get in. So I went outside and we got to know each other. We had fun. We played football-catch where we played catch with a toy football. It was lots of fun. We had fun but we stopped cause of the heat. It was very very hot in New Mexico. Ok I take back 100 degrees; it’s only 75 but it feels hot. I can’t wait to get into Arizona.


We’re still packing and I’m nervous about it since its about 2 weeks to the move.

The highest box stack

The highest box stack

I can’t believe its only like 16 days till the move. I’m so nervous.  WHATHAPPENED!!!!! THIS IS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! I think that the days go by too too quickly. I can’t believe it.


This blog will be about: Packing, our trip, and life in Arizona. Packing is hard and sometimes complicated. We have to get rid of things we have. We only have so much room to bring things so we can’t take everything we have. We have to pack everything we take. WOW; that’s a lot  of boxes.